About Us

Bentley Properties, headed by Director Gary Unsworth-Smith offers 30 plus years of invaluable property economics and finance experience to both buyers and sellers in a totally unique way.


We have collected a large property portfolio over 4 property cycles i.e. since 1973.  We hold on to property rather than sell, value-add and then capitalise on the equity build- up...to Drive Property Further...





Are shown how to purchase the right property using the right structure, finance and planning.


We explain to buyers how you can own your own property without paying off the mortgage.


This strategy is developed from actual personal experience.





Are shown to hold on to their existing properties rather than sell if at all possible and in this regard we can develop a strategy to enable you to accumulate further property holdings.


However, if you need to sell we can offer a Targeted Marketing Program with no advertising costs.


This strategy is developed from actual personal experience.




*  Buyers and Sellers are also shown how to capitalise on property potential i.e. Update, Repair, Modernise, Refurbish – Spend A Dollar And Add Five Dollars.


Are offered a complete consultancy service from product sizing / design / space-flow / to off-plan sales, leasing and marketing in both small to high rise residential projects, land subdivisions and retail shopping centres.